Together let's make a difference
Rescue Center in San Jose, Costa Rica works with some of the best and most rewarding programs throughout the country. CEO and founder, Vanessa Lizano, personally recommends the programs she feels will truly make a difference in the lives of injured, displaced and endangered wildlife. As a new or returning volunteer you can rest assured that by choosing one of our programs and becoming a part of our passionate team you will leave feeling fulfilled and eager to return. The current project we have partnered with is the Tambor Bay Turtle project located on a beautiful stretch of 8 kilometers at Tambor Beach. Last season more than 150 Olive Ridley turtle nests were saved and re-located to our hatchery. More important the efforts helped ensure the release of over 12,000 successful baby turtle hatchlings. The project runs from August 1st 2018 through January 31st 2019 this season. We need your help to make sure that the numbers acheived last season are duplicated and improved in the next few months. Please join us in walking the beach, saving nests, improving our hatchery and ensuring that the beautiful wildlife that inhabits the beaches of Costa Rican are saved and protected.

Rescue Center is committed to finding the very best animal refuge projects in Costa Rica. We personally test their operations and only partner with the projects that are safe and rewarding. Our goal is to ensure that each and every volunteer we bring to Costa Rica has the best possible experience ever.
With the financial assistance of people like you, we're able to continue our mission. We receive NO funding from the governmment or any other agencies. Every bit helps and 100% of the profits are used for caring for the wildlife in need.