The Rescue Center is located in Turrucares, Costa Rica just a short drive from the Juan Santamaria International airport. The original location from 2009-2015 was on Moin beach in Limon, Costa Rica.

Unfortunately, we were forced to leave the previous location because of the arrival of a new shipping port called APM terminals. Disappointed but not deterred we found a new location for our center and relocated all of the animals. We continue to work endlessly to improve the project and are extremely proud of all the help we have received from our volunteers over the years.

We have an on-site hospital staffed by dedicated vets/interns and comfortable living quarters which can house up to 60 volunteers at any time. The animal enclosures include but are not limited to an aviary, sloth gardens, and monkey cages all surrounded by nature in order to allow the animals a place as close to their natural habitat as they recover from their wounds.




Bernal and Marielos started the Rescue Center with their own money, hard work, and passion. They receive no government support but work endlessly to ensure a safe environment for injured wildlife to rehabilitate.

With the help of their three daughters Vanessa, Laura and Karla they have built the center from a small project in Limon into the ideal volunteer destination it has become today. They care for over 100 animals, house up to 60 volunteers and provide local tours of the facility for both families as well as tourists to Costa Rica.


Vanessa and Laura Lizano handle the day to day operations of the Rescue Center. They arrive early each and every day to meet and greet all volunteers as well as the coordinators. They are responsible weekly for planning the work that needs to be done as well as organizing the adventure and turtle tours. They worked many years for their parents and are now entrusted in making sure the Rescue Center continue to grow and thrive.




The Vet team at the Rescue Center is comprised of our head veterinarians, Andrés and Ena, as well a combination of volunteers and interns. The members of the Vet team are the only ones who are allowed to physically handle the animals with instruction the veterinarians. Vet team members are rotated and we work hard to make sure as many volunteers get to spend time working in the hospital. Daily duties include but are not limited to feeding our orphaned animals, administering necessary medicines and ensuring our permanent animals are healthy and well-fed.


The Rescue Center employs a staff of around 10 people. The employees are part of our family and they all care deeply about their work and the animals. In addition to their normal duties, you will often see them helping with human and animal food prep, enclosure cleaning as well as farming and cage building. Julio, Tonio, Santos, Flor, and Jessica are just a few of the friendly smiles you will see each and every day.

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