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Avalanche, a three-toed sloth, was brought to us the 1st week of January in 2021. She was found in Parismina de Guacimo on the side of the road by a local Costa Rican. The local attempted to put her back in a tree but she fell and he became very worried. He called Vanessa at Rescue Center and agreed to deliver her to the farm. Vanessa made sure to give careful instruction on how to handle the baby girl sloth and transport her safely.

On arrival at the farm the vet team went to work. She was extremely dehydrated so they immediately administered a saline solution. The vets also applied a nebulizer to her cage because they heard a small murmur in her lungs. She will get x-rays next and will remain in quarantine until deemed healthy enough for the sloth garden. The good news is she is eating very well the leaves from the cecropia trees.

We named her Avalanche because of her beautiful white hair and the strength she has to stay alive. We can't wait until the veterinarians have her healthy and happy!

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