Volunteer Work at Rescue Center Costa Rica

Costa Rica volunteer work

Rescue Center has a mission of rescue, rehabilitation and when possible release. The reason we say "when possible" is because many factors create situations where rescued animals can never be released. If an animal has been in "human contact" for far too long it may be deemed un-releasable. If the injuries the animal sustained are too severe even after rehabilitation the animal may be un-releasable. However, our ultimate goal is to ALWAYS if possible release animals back to their natural habitat. If and when that is not possible which is a decision by our veterinarian team we find ways to ensure that animal lives the rest of his/her life in a safe, enriched and loving environment.

The reason your volunteer work in Costa Rica is so important is to ensure that these wonderful animals have food, medicine, and love even when they can’t be released. The animal categories listed below are the current ones we receive from people, the police and other government agencies. They are brought to us often in very bad condition and it’s the job of our vet team and volunteers to feed them, care for their wounds and oftentimes nurse them back to health.

Volunteer work is often long hours and hard but it is very rewarding. The bonds that you will create with our animals will last a lifetime. They are all very special animals and they deserve a chance to live healthy and happy lives. The effort, sacrifice and determination you bring to our project make all of the difference in the lives of the animals below. Whether you spend a week, a month or even a year, your valuable volunteering contribution will never be forgotten by us or the animals we save.

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