Thinking about a career in conservation or animal care? If so, then the Rescue Center is the perfect place to get your feet wet. We always have five full-time volunteer coordinators on staff who are responsible for handling the day to day duties at the program. We have a management coordinator, food preparation coordinator, enclosure cleaning coordinator and an enrichment coordinator. Here is general list of daily responsibilities:

Management Coordinator:

Handle morning/afternoon meeting, organize night activities, communicate with management arrivals/departures, ensure diets are correct at all meals, manage the day visits/tours, train volunteers to handle tours, greet arriving volunteers and say goodbye to departing ones, help social media team with pictures/videos, be available to answer questions from volunteers and communicate those questions with management.

Food Preparation Coordinator:

Prepare food for all animals 2x’s daily, deliver food to animals 2x’s daily, teach new volunteers how to cut and prepare the food, ensure food is being prepared in a safe manner, ensure food is being prepared with the right utensils (avoid cross contamination), keep track of food wasted or not eaten, deliver wasted food to the compost, update the animal diet boards to reflect uneaten food or new animal arrivals, prepare list daily of any food shortage needed for the following day, clean animal kitchen utensils/containers thoroughly at the conclusion of the day, ensure all the food is organized and stored in the proper refrigeration/containers.

Enclosure Cleaning Coordinator:

Deliver and change the water 2x’s daily, rake and organize all cages with grass/soil, hose/clean all cages with cement floors, remove old enrichment projects to make room for the new ones, organize the sloth walks after cleaning the sloth garden, deliver fresh leaves to all the cages in the afternoon, ensure all equipment is cleaned and stored properly by animal group (no cross contamination), ensure the volunteers follow all precautions including wearing the proper masks and only entering cages after safety guidelines have been followed.

Enrichment Coordinator:

Create a plan/schedule for daily/weekly enrichment, brainstorm to find new/unique projects volunteers can accomplish and the animals will enjoy, ensure all animal groups have scheduled enrichment (over 100+ animals), communicate your ideas to management, create a purchase list of items needed for the enrichment, teach your team how to build/construct the enrichment, deliver the enrichment to the proper cages and ensure it works.

We don't accept just anyone to our program. First, we'd like to know a little bit about you. When you fill out a registration form, tell us what attracted you to our program. Please also include your current area of study or intended endeavor.

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