The Rescue Center is privately owned and receives no government support or grants. We receive animals that are injured and need medical care and attention. Our number one priority is always to rescue, rehabilitate and ultimately release. However, many of the animals we have at the current time and ones that will be brought to us in the future will never be released. They will become permanent residents at The Rescue Center and it's our job to ensure they live a safe, rewarding and fulfilling life. At the current time, we have over 130 permanent animals who need proper enclosures, nutritious diets and proper medical care. Payment for these items comes from the generosity of our volunteers and donors. You can donate by credit card, cryptocurrency, PayPal or text message (the US and Canada). You can also choose to sponsor an animal, purchase from our Amazon wishlist or come visit and donate in person. All donations big and small are always appreciated but never expected. We use all monetary donations in the area most-needed at the time received and the priorities include animal food, medicines, enrichment, and new enclosures.

"Donating to help one animal will not change the world, but for that animal the world will be forever changed."

Amazon Wishlist

Donate direct to the Animal Hospital off of our Amazon Wishlist. All donations are shipped to an address in the United States where we can facilitate their delivery to Costa Rica.

Amazon Wishlist
Amazon Wishlist

Donate by Phone

Visit + Donate

Local friends in Costa Rica please come visit us, the animals and staff love visitors. Donations of fruits, vegetables, medicines and construction materials are very much appreciated. Click here to view a list of local products we currently need to run the Rescue.

Rescue Center Costa Rica

Rescue Center Costa Rica
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950 meters west Automercado
Costa Rica

USA and Canada Toll Free Phone Number: 1-866-211-0967
UK Toll Free Phone Number: 08000418200
Costa Rica Phone Number: 72951505
Important: If calling from United States add 011 506 and then the number.

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