Terms and Conditions

The participant takes all responsibility for risk of injury or loss of or damage to personal property during the participation at Rescue Center – Costa Rica. This includes loss, damage or injury incurred while traveling to, from, or within Costa Rica and during free time activities, while staying at the Rescue Center – Costa Rica.

The participant further acknowledges and takes full responsibility for risks inherent in being physically located in San Jose, Costa Rica, including, but not limited to, dangerous insects/animals, illnesses, and unpredictable weather.

The participant assumes responsibility for any personal property or valuables brought to the Center. This includes, but is not limited to, electronic equipment, credit cards, jewelry, cash, passports, and other valuables. Rescue Center – Costa Rica is not responsible for stolen items and the cost of them will not be refunded.

The participant releases the owners and staff from all claims, demands, rights, or causes of action present or future, where known, anticipated, or unanticipated, and resulting from, or as rising out of, an incident caused by participation in the project.

The participant confirms their ability to be able to perform the required tasks as outlined by the information material provided via website (https://www.rescuecenter.com) by the Rescue Center – Costa Rica. If the participant is unable to safely perform the tasks required of any of the programs, Rescue Center – Costa Rica is not held liable, and is
not required to reimburse any participant fees.

For participating at Rescue Center – Costa Rica you agree to obey the following
rules of the Center:

  • Alcohol is legal in Costa Rica at the age of 18. Any participant under 18 found with or abusing alcohol will run the risk of having their stay terminated. Likewise, any adults 18 or older who have been found to be using alcohol during participant work hours or who have been found to be in abuse of alcohol after hours on their free time may be asked to leave as well. If this does occur there will be no reimbursement of participant fees.
  • Illegal drug use will not be tolerated at all anywhere on the premise. If you are found to be in possession of illegal drugs you will be removed immediately from the facility and your stay will be terminated. If this does occur there will be no reimbursement of participant fees.
  • Cigarette smoking is allowed but only in the proper designated area. It must be kept away from other non-smoking participants as well as the animals. Cigarette butts are one of the largest pollutants in the world so we ask that you respect the property and ensure they are placed in the proper trash area of the farm.
  • Everyone has one day off a week but you are welcome to ask for more days if needed. Please make sure you speak to a coordinator in advance so they can plan the daily work properly.
  • Rescue Center – Costa Rica does provide private transportation weekly for trips around the country. These trips include local restaurants/bars as well as day excursions to Jaco Beach, Manuel Antonio Cloud Forest and Arenal Volcano. It is required to let the coordinators know at least 24 hours in advance if you plan to join any one of the trips. Breakfast is served before you leave and we provide a lunch for you to take as well. Dinner is prepared and kept fresh until you return. If you plan to do a private trip on your own or with friends please let the coordinators know in advance so they can schedule properly. We can provide paid transportation for that as well as long as you give us advance notice. You must respect the departure and return date so we can always ensure we have enough participants to handle the daily work.
  • Rescue Center – Costa Rica provides private transportation to/from the pharmacy, supermarket or bank every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. The normal time to be ready is 10 am but please schedule your trip in advance with a coordinator.
  • If you damage or lose an object belonging to the Rescue Center, you have to repair or replace it. If you are found to be in abuse of our property etc. you will run the risk of having your stay terminated. If this does occur there will be no reimbursement of participant fees.
  • The sewer septic system in Costa Rica does not support bathroom tissue or other items. In order to ensure the plumbing at the farm works properly we ask that no trash including bathroom tissue is flushed. Please discard everything in the proper trash bins.
  • Laundry service is provided and will be completed by the staff with advance notice. Please speak to the coordinator for the laundry schedule. You may also wish to utilize the washers on your own. If you do please respect the equipment as well as the other participants who need to use it as well.
  • Personal romantic relationships between volunteers and staff is strictly prohibited. If a romantic relationship does incur we reserve the right to terminate your stay at the Rescue Center. We also will take the necessary steps to terminate the employee as well. We see our employees as family but we have strict rules against crossing the line with our participants. Furthermore, it is prohibited for participants and employees to meet outside of the Rescue Center. If this does occur you run the risk of having your stay terminated and there will be no reimbursement of participant fees.
  • The participant is obligated to be present at both daily meetings which are held at 8:30 am and 1:30 pm. The meetings are important in order to properly communicate all important issues between the coordinators and the participants. At the meetings you will be briefed on your daily jobs by the coordinator. You are
    also welcome to ask any questions/concerns at this time. The coordinators as well as the owners (Vanessa and Laura) attend almost every morning meeting to discuss the work for the day. If you wish to speak with them regarding anything at all do not be shy! They welcome feedback and always look forward to meeting
    new participants. Also, we encourage “special projects” from all participants. If you or a group of friends wish to create and work on a “special project” please communicate that to the coordinator or Vanessa and Laura direct. Rescue Center – Costa Rica will provide the necessary materials etc. for approved projects.
  • Meals are served daily at 7:30 am, 12 pm and 6 pm. The kitchen staff will ring the bell for everyone to hear when the meals are ready. Failure to be on time can run the risk of food not being available. We offer a vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free menu and we also respect all allergies. You must be wearing the proper color
    food bracelet at all meals which is given at check-in to all participants. If you are not food will not be served until one is given to you. If you lose your food bracelet please contact the coordinator for a new one. Also, we do appreciate when everyone does wash their own dishes. We do provide all necessary plates and utensils but we employ only a small staff. Your help cleaning up after meals is appreciated and helps us keep expenses to a minimum.
  • We expect all participants to wake early and attend the morning meeting. In order to have the proper energy daily we expect the lights have to be turned off at 10 pm and noise kept at a minimum. All participants must respect others property and sleeping hours. If you are found to be in abuse of participant’s personal items or their overall experience you will run the risk of having your stay terminated. If this does occur there will be no reimbursement of participant fees.
  • Participants who leave the property on their own are asked to be back before 10 pm. If the participant is not inside the property by 10 pm, he or she must call in advance to speak to a coordinator. The coordinator will then communicate information to the night guard. The safety of all participants is our priority so failure to call or arriving late could mean the gates will not be opened and you will have to make other arrangements for the evening. If leaving and arriving late does become a continued pattern you could run the risk of having your stay
    terminated. If this does occur there will be no reimbursement of participant fees.
  • Social media is an important part of the Rescue Center. We encourage all participants to photograph share, send, tweet etc. We ask that any social media be used in good taste and if we feel it is not we will ask that it be removed and we will not be held liable. Also, we do reserve the right to repost, like, tweet etc. any photos/media that you have posted on your own personal page.

Cancellations and refund policies

The participants who have read and understood the above rules release Rescue Center Costa Rica from liability for the assumptions of risk listed above. They also understand there are no refunds once payment has been made and your space has been reserved. However, if their stay has to be ended early for any reason including emergencies or situations out of their control, you will have full credit for those days to use at any time in the future.

*As a result of Covid-19 Coronavirus we will allow all upcoming visitors to reschedule their stay at a later date. Refunds will not be issued at the current time in accordance with the policy listed above. – March 1st 2020.