It's amazing how much of a tightknit community we've become. With one common goal of caring for injured and displaced wildlife, we have built a family of caring, likeminded people who truly want to make a difference.We work incredibly hard, but our reward isn't financial in nature. Instead, it's seeing the animals we care for survive and thrive. Our Costa Rican Volunteer Program members are instrumental in making that happen.

Whether you live in Costa Rica long-term or you have a passion for ecotourism and want to make your next trip here truly meaningful, we always welcome qualified volunteers.

Costa Rica Volunteer Program duties include but are not limited to the following:

  • Study and control of the wildlife in the area
  • Construction of new enriched enclosures
  • Farming
  • Keeping and cleaning of the horses
  • Participating in educational community projects

In addition, volunteers are encouraged to develop their own individual projects. If you see potential for such a special project, let us know and we will work with you to translate that idea into practice. We love when a new volunteer leaves their mark on the Rescue Center for all future visitors to enjoy.

General Requirements:

  • No use of illegal drugs and no abuse of alcohol
  • Smoking only in approved areas
  • Personal insurance policy

If you'd like to get involved and think you have what it take to make a difference, please use the registration form. We'll get back to you when the animals are sleeping.


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