The Rescue Center is dedicated to protect and help endangered Costa Rican wildlife indigenous to our beautiful country. First and foremost, our goal is to ensure the welfare of injured animals and help them recover from their physical and psychological wounds.

We staff a team of experienced veterinarians who work at our on-site hospital in addition to the thousands of volunteers from around the world who have helped us over the past 10+ years.

We rescue, rehabilitate and when possible release the animals back to their natural habitat. We are a non-profit and receive no government help financially. The passion of the owners, dedication of our staff and generosity of our volunteers and donors makes everything possible.

We don't believe we can solve all of the world's problems but we do believe the work we do makes the world just a little bit better. We hope you feel the same way and if you do please click the links above and join our team as a donor, intern or volunteer. We look forward to seeing you soon in beautiful Costa Rica.

Pura Vida!

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