announces Australian Bushfire Relief Effort

San Jose, Costa Rica January 10th, 2020 - The Australian bush fires are an ecological catastrophe that has claimed the lives of over one billion animals and continues to threaten countless more, a tragic loss felt in the hearts of animal lovers around the globe.

The impact of the fires on Australian wildlife is a calamity that hits close to home for the Rescue Center in Costa Rica, which has worked to rescue, rehabilitate, and ultimately release injured animals for over a decade.

Due to their commitment to wildlife and the struggles facing similar conservationists in Australia, Rescue Center feels that it’s their duty to help in any way they can, which is why they are proud to announce their latest relief initiative for the Australian bush fires.

In an effort to raise money for WWF (World Wildlife Fund - in Australia, Rescue Center is announcing a three-tiered fundraising drive that begins on January 10th and continues until March 1, 2020:

• For every new social media follower – via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube – RescueCenter will donate 25 cents to WWF.

• For every review received via Trip Advisor or Google Reviews, Rescue Center will donate $5 to WWF.

• For every paid volunteer stay submission, Rescue Center will donate 10 percent of the total cost to WWF.

Those funds raised for the Australian bush fires will be donated to WWF each week with the amount and confirmation posted via Rescue Center’s social media channels on Monday mornings. The Rescue Center website – – will also launch a dedicated page to these fundraising efforts, displaying the total amount raised updated each day until the closing date.

To initiate the relief effort the Rescue Center owners, Vanessa Lizano and Michael Rinnier, have donated $500 to the WWF in the hopes that others will follow their lead and help the cause.

Rescue Center was founded by Vanessa Lizano in 2009 and is a world-class rehabilitation center for Costa Rican wildlife, helping conserve and protect injured and orphaned wildlife indigenous to Costa Rica.

The center is located in Alajuela, Costa Rica and is operated by a managerial team, an experienced corps of veterinarians and vet interns, and a small full-time staff that maintains food preparation, feeding, cleaning and overall maintenance to the facility.

At the heart of the Rescue Center is their volunteer program, which offers various packages as well as internships for those studying veterinarian medicine. Volunteers and guests can get an immersive Costa Rican experience with extended stays or pop in for a day tour and visit the sloths, monkeys, coati, kinkajou and exotic birds we work to rehabilitate and release.

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